A new beginning!

A year ago I laid the foundation for my project: XSoftware.

It was a year of ideas, ambitions, commitments and projects, but above all of struggle; in fact, the passion in developing software becomes a job and a service for others, which pushes me to improve and improve, in fact even in front of the highest mountains to climb, I have always reacted calmly and patiently, step by step.

Today this commitment has allowed the creation of the new XSoftware site, in its new graphics and new possibilities that allow a great interaction between the developer of the program and the user. But this is not the final goal but an intermediate stage, in fact I will continue to develop alternative solutions not only for duty, but also for passion. So if you are interested in development, as users or as developers, expect lots of news and updates for this 2019!

PS. Obviously also happy new year from me! =)

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