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We develop software with a global community of programmers, designers, translators and much more!

Software for everyone

The software must be simple and we bring the most modern technologies in companies as well as in families.

What are we developing?

WordPress Products

XSoftware presents the progenitor of the series of plugins for the most popular Content Management System, WordPress.

In fact, our WordPress Products software allows the administrator to manage dynamic pages with all the products of his business.

It is therefore possible to create templates to publish their products and manage them using the most modern database technologies.

WordPress Translate

WordPress Translate is a plugin for the management of multilingual websites, in fact it allows both the manual translation of static pages, and the automatic translation of pages through Google Translate.

The language will be automatically detected when a user accesses the site, ensuring an instant and accurate translation.

WordPress Socials

WordPress Socials increases the integration between the Social Network and the website, in fact this plugin will automatically publish the new posts and pages of the site in the connected social profiles.

Currently only Facebook and Twitter are supported, but there will be updates that you can discover just by following us!

KDE KWallet

KWallet is a module of the KDE environment that manages passwords, saving them in an encrypted database and granting authorized applications direct reading without having to enter them manually.


FreeRDP is an Open Source implementation of the Microsoft RDP protocol. This will allow you to control the screen of another remote computer, but thanks to the functionality of RemoteApp, you can also control only one application.

Technologies behind the software


GitLab is the platform where we work and develop the code.

This site allows you to enter a global network of developers that allows us to share, improve, integrate and publish our code.

Clearly we collaborate with other big Open Source companies to improve the software we bring to everyone.


WordPress is the most popular and appreciated Content Management System (CMS) for the production of professional websites or blogs, its strength is in the huge variety of plugins and extensions.

In fact, this site also uses WordPress to ensure efficiency and stability.

Framework Qt

The Qt Framework allows us to develop software, more dynamic and modern.

Qt are a reality in the Open Source, in fact they have a variety of instructions that allow you to create a modern and efficient program.


KDE is a complete and graphically perfect “Desktop Environment”.

Its graphical interface, can remember Windows, so recommended for those who have always used Windows Operating Systems.

But KDE has a collection of applications already installed and perfectly integrated with the system.